List of possible services:

1.	Browser compatibility testing against MSIE5, MSIE6, Mozilla 1 or according 
to request
2.	Navigation testing on 15 and 17 monitors and different screen resolutions.
3.	Testing of JavaScript for different combinations of data for data entry fields 
(empty, malicious, long strings)
4.	Link checking upon request (this is particularly necessary for referenced web 
sites once a month/quarterly)
5.	Testing with different custom browser settings  (JavaScript disabled, 
Cookies off, other according to request)
6.	Search for subjects related to the web site (forums, news groups, web sites, 
possible article submissions) quarterly
7.	Preliminary research on related web sites 
8.	Suggesting and submitting keywords to search engines
9.	Web site update, monitoring, site statistic
10.	Link exchange adding and managing
11.	Online tech support for site visitors (if site has message board or forum)
12.	Creating statistic reports, PowerPoint presentations upon request
13.	 Evaluation and recommendation of third party web tools for small business
14.	Basic phone and in-home training & support
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